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Welcome to Star Ships around the Sun

My name is Robert H. Evans JR.
Star Ships around the Sun is what I'm presenting for your consideration. 

Not fake images,or Photo-Shopped images, but “Real Alien Star Ships” recorded as they entered into our Solar System by NASA-SOHO Satellite Cameras, and by The US NAVY Satellite Cameras.

contact in the desert

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I will be sharing with you NASA-SOHO Satellite Photos/Images of Alien Starships, or UFO’s that NASA/SOHO has been quietly recording since 1998 to the Present day. These Alien Starship’s/UFO’s are just huge! And must be piloted by some form of alien being. Ancient Humans from the Middle East knew them very well. In fact, they even carved their likeness on stone walls. The Zoroastrian Religion ( ) calls these wall carvings the Ahura-Mazda ( )
Ahura Mazda

Now, please compare the above ancient Persian wall carving with this NASA-SOHO Satellite photo/Image taken in 2005 by their EIT304 camera:


Here is an enlargement of the above NASA-SOHO Satellite Photo/Image:

Now, you just might think that these photos are either fakes, or Photo-Shopped Image’s to mislead you … But, you would be wrong, they are real! You can go to the SOHO web site and select the correct Satellite Camera, then hit the Display Image’s button, set the Resolution to 1024, then input the Date shown on the bottom left of the Image shown into the Start Date, and also into the End date just like this (Example only) 2014-2-20 (The Year/Month/Day) … You will have to search down through the images until you come to the correct time shown on the Image. I have had these NASA-SOHO Satellite Images/Photo’s privately checked by several Photographic Analyst’s, but they made me promise not to reveal their names, and they found no sign of fakery. These Images are not in any SOHO file known as “Hotshots” … go here , or “Make your own UFO or any Satellite Camera Defect’s from 1999 to 2012. NASA and SOHO refuse to acknowledge, and respond, to any inquiries into what they call “Anomalies” in their SOHO Satellite Image’s/Photo’s. When did they appear to make modern contact with Humans? In 1954, US President Eisenhower, planned a secret meeting with 3 Alien Races at what used to be known as MUROC Air Field, now known as Edwards Air Force Base. But, he made one very small mistake … He personally invited the Bishop of Los Angeles, Francis M. McIntyre, to be his “Spiritual Advisor” at what he knew would be a major human event … “First Contact” with beings from another world.

Below is a personal account from this secret meeting. If you would like to see a scan of the original, click here.

Project Etheria

Gerald Light 10545 Scenario Lane Los Angeles, California

Mr. Meade Layne San Diego, California

My dear Friend: I have just returned from Muroc. The report is true — devastatingly true!

I made the journey in company with Franklin Allen of the Hearst papers and Edwin Nourse of Brookings Institute (Truman's erstwhile financial advisor) and Bishop MacIntyre of L.A. (confidential names for the present, please).

When we were allowed to enter the restricted section (after about six hours in which we were checked on every possible item, event, incident and aspect of our personal and public lives), I had the distinct feeling that the world had come to an end with fantastic realism. For I have never seen so many human beings in a state of complete collapse and confusion, as they realized that their own world had indeed ended with such finality as to beggar description. The reality of the "other plane" aeroforms is now and forever removed from the realms of speculation and made a rather painful part of the consciousness of every responsible scientific and political group.

During my two days' visit I saw five separate and distinct types of aircraft being studied and handled by our Air Force officials -- with the assistance and permission of the Etherians! I have no words to express my reactions.

It has finally happened. It is now a matter of history.

President Eisenhower, as you may already know, was spirited over to Muroc one night during his visit to Palm Springs recently. And it is my conviction that he will ignore the terrific conflict between the various 'authorities' and go directly to the people via radio and television -- if the impasse continues much longer. From what I could gather, an official statement to the country is being prepared for delivery about the middle of May.

I will leave it to your own excellent powers of deduction to construct a fitting picture of the mental and emotional pandemonium that is now shattering the consciousness of hundreds of our scientific "authorities" and all the pundits of the various specialized knowledges that make up our current physics. In some instance I could not stifle a wave of pity that arose in my own being as I watched the pathetic bewilderment of rather brilliant brains struggling to make some sort of rational explanation which would enable them to retain their familiar theories and concepts. And I thanked my own destiny for having long ago pushed me into the metaphysical woods and compelled me to find my way out. To watch strong minds cringe before totally irreconcilable aspects of "science" is not a pleasant thing. I had forgotten how commonplace things as dematerialization of "solid" objects had become to my own mind. The coming and going of an etheric, or spirit, body has been so familiar to me these many years I had forgotten that such a manifestation could snap the mental balance of a man not so conditioned. I shall never forget those forty-eight hours at Muroc!


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Phone: (707) 497-6911 •
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DVD’s with all of the images will be available to the public at the time of UFO CON 2013 for $ both online and at UFO CON 2013.
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